Laughing Under the Clouds / ເຍີ້ຍຟ້າທ້າເມກ


ໃນຕອນທ້າຍຂອງຍຸກຊາມູໄລ ແລະ ລັດຖະບານ Meiji ໄດ້ຖືກສ້າງຕັ້ງຂື້ນໃນປີ 1868. ໄດ້ມີຕຳນານຂອງງູຍັກທີ່ມີພະລັງພິເສດໄດ້ຟື້ນຂື້ນມາທຸກໆ 300 ປີ ເພື່ອທຳລາຍປະເທດ, 3 ອ້າຍນ້ອງໄດ້ຕໍ່ສູ້ເພື່ອນຳຄວາມສະຫງົບມາສູ່ປະເທດ.

At the time is the end of Samurai era and the new Meiji government is founded in 1868. Legend has it that a gigantic snake which has a special power revives every 300 years and brings harm to the country. Three young brothers stand up to prevent the snake from coming back to life…

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